Praying for Your Church's Year-End Giving

In a recent post, we talked about how important year-end giving is to your church. Year-end giving can make up 25% or more of a church’s budget for the year. Considering that many churches spend about 75% of their budget on staff, facilities, and administrative costs, the amount received in December can be the difference of the church being able to fund certain ministry costs or not.

In that post, we gave you 3 tips to prepare for year-end giving.

In this post, we want to give you 3 ways you can pray for your year-end giving. In the midst of strategies for year-end giving and last-minute service logistics, we can forget to pause and pray for God’s provision.

Whether your church is well-funded or hoping for a big amount to come in in December to fill the budget gap, the most important step we can take today is to pray.

Pray for God’s Provision

God promises to provide for our needs, yet He teaches us to pray and seek Him for those same things (Matthew 6). When we pray, we are acknowledging that God is ultimately the provider.

Remember that God doesn’t always provide with money. We often assign a dollar amount to our plans and ask God to provide that amount, but God doesn’t always work that way. There are countless stories of God providing without money or accomplishing His will in a different way than providing the money. Sometimes, we just have to be open to that way He is providing for us.

As you pray, pray that God would provide however He chooses for all of the things He wants to accomplish at your church.

Pray for Dependance and Faith

This is the other side of praying for God’s provision. If we are to trust God’s provision, we have to do so in faith, trusting Him, not ourselves.

Sometimes when we need to pray for faith its because we’re at the end of our rope barely hanging on begging God to help our unbelief (Mark 9:24). Other times we are surrounded by abundance and need to be reminded that God is our provider.

Pray that no matter where God has you, that you continue to grow in your dependance and faith.

Pray for Stewardship

Finally, pray that your church (collectively, and individually) would be good stewards of what God has entrusted.

Praying for good stewardship for your people shouldn’t be viewed as the “biblical” or “holy” way to pray that people would fork over their cash.

Jesus teaches that “where your treasure is, there your heart is also” (Matthew 6). Stewardship is a heart issue, and teaching about it is discipleship.

When we pray for our people to grow in stewardship, the hope should be that they are more holy, not that they give more to the church. As people grow in their stewardship, God will use their obedience for His glory and accomplish His will.

(Watch our webinar on Cultivating Generosity to learn more about how to shepherd your people in stewardship).

Pastor, we know that the burden you are carrying is immense. One of the biggest and most important services of the year is a week away.  On top of everything, year-end giving is important, it matters. We are praying for you. We are praying for your church.