Top 3 Resources to Set Your Church Up for Financial Success

What’s easy as 123?

(Queue “ABC” by the Jackson 5 that is now on repeat in your head. You’re welcome.)

Are you feeling prepared and ready to tell a mission-aligned story with your church budget?

We went ahead and did the heavy lifting by sorting out our top three resources to set you up for success when it comes to sharing your church’s finances. It’s as easy as A, B, C! 

A – Assess your church’s financial health: Metrics can get overwhelming. This free webinar will direct you to the need-to-know numbers (and what they mean) for your church finances.

B – Budget like a pro: There are 8 common mistakes churches make with their budgets. Set your church apart by avoiding them. 

C –  Cultivate generosity: You can actively cultivate generosity in your congregation. Watch our free webinar on 5 critical actions that help you accomplish this! 

What small action can you take now to tell a better story with your church’s finances?

Might we suggest a 3-minute assessment that will give you a free, personalized report of your church’s finances to assess three common areas of misalignment—people, planning, and protection? Take the free assessment here.