Place every dollar on mission, telling the story of His kingdom.

Church accounting, bookkeeping, and strategic services so you can tell the greatest story of all — even with your ministry’s money.

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Do you feel like you’re using all of God’s provision wisely?


Tangled-up bookkeeping hinders your ability to make mission-driven decisions.

Lack of Confidence

You’re unable to present your church’s finances to supporters with the same passion as the Scriptures.

Possible Exposure

You’re afraid you’ll find out you (or someone you trust) made a church accounting error and put your church at risk.

What if your money were on the same mission as you?

Unlock the story your numbers are telling.

Understand your church’s accounting and bookkeeping so you can take meaningful action.

Work with financial pros who get ministry.

Get team support with the day-to-day so you can focus on the big picture.

Inspire confidence. Invite generosity.

Back up your vision with whiter-than-snow numbers that make sense.

Drop the mic after every board meeting.

Exegesis? Check. Hermeneutics? Done. Board meetings? We got this.

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There’s a way to be a great pastor and a great money-manager.

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Church Plants and Startups

Get started right. Make sure your new work is on track and moving forward. 

Parable Church Accounting’s Financial Operating System will lay a solid foundation for years to come. And you’ll work with experienced bookkeepers and accountants who can help you see around corners and navigate financial decisions with wisdom.

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Fast-Growing Churches

Are your systems keeping pace with growth? Or does your team need more support?

Parable Church Accounting’s Financial Operating System will consolidate your data and standardize your processes. And Parable’s financial pros will help you scale up without slowing you down.

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Established Churches

Your church is constantly evolving. Don’t let your church accounting systems get stuck in the past.

Parable Church Accounting’s Financial Operating System brings you up-to-date. Our team of consultants offers clarity, insight, and accountability to keep you on target.

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Our Partners Say It Best SWIPE FOR MORE

“Just since we’ve partnered with Parable, our giving has gone up. We’ve been able to really track how healthy we are as a church. I could not imagine doing multi-site church and keeping up with the numbers and the stories without our partnership with Parable.”

Rich Butler

Lead Pastor, Hope Church, Greenville, SC

“[Parable] did a great job working with us as we grew. I would strongly encourage you, if you’re looking for an accounting team, to give Parable a call and just have a discussion with them. They’re great people, and they’ll treat you well.”

Jake Johnson

Church Planter, Manna Church, Stafford, VA

“[Parable] brought in the best systems. They innovated, they helped us to innovate, and now, we can retrieve information in real time. We can make information-based decisions and really tell our financial story […] They invest in leaders like me, and they bring world-class services to leaders like me. I am so, so happy with our partnership with Parable.”

Jonathan Wiggins

Lead Pastor, Rez.Curch, Loveland, CO

“Parable has been the answer to every one of our financial problems. I feel like I can send off that part of my brain and let them take care of that because I have so much else to do in this season. I couldn’t be more happy than we are with Parable.”

Tom Watson

Lead Pastor, Five Stones Church, Chattanooga, TN

“Hands down, Parable has helped us in so many ways, and we’re reaping the benefits in terms of time, energy, and focus. Greg and the whole team have been such a pleasure.”

Greg Scherer

Board Vice President and CFO, Dwelling Place Anaheim, CA

Parable has an expertise that unless I want to spend hundreds of hours developing, I don’t have. And that’s where I don’t need to put my efforts. […] Parable serves as that outside resource that literally in my mind is iron sharpening iron.

Bob Miller

Executive Pastor of Operations, Florence Baptist Church, Florence, SC

“Parable is a blessing to our church. They feel like a part of our team. We didn’t get into ministry to balance books, write checks or pay bills, but we know those things have to be done. They take so much off our shoulders. Parable catches the things we are missing, the details we may miss that could be a big problem.”

Edwin Jones

Lead Pastor, The Bridge Church, Hampton, VA

Here’s How It Works

Step 1

We talk.

We learn about you, your calling, and how we can help you accomplish His mission.

Step 2

We team up.

We customize our services for your context, budget, and goals.

Step 3

We support you as you keep telling His story.

We become your church’s accounting and bookkeeping team, managing the details, keeping you informed, and helping you stay on track.

Every Dollar On Mission

Our Services

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Bookkeeping & Accounting

We manage your church’s finances and help you keep every dollar on His mission.

Bill Pay

Know every bill has two sets of eyes before the money leaves your account. And our setup process ensures every invoice is paid on time every time.


We’ll make sure your people get paid and handle all payroll-related taxes for you.

Advanced Service

Our financial experts provide financial analysis and support so you can make strategic decisions and steward God’s provision while staying focused on the mission. 

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Parable - Church Accounting, Bookkeeping & Payroll

Why Parable Accounting and Bookkeeping for Churches?

Far too many churches tell one story with their words and actions but a completely different story with their finances. 

Parable Church Accounting and Bookkeeping is a team of financial storytellers with superpowers in church accounting, bookkeeping, and consulting. We help leaders place every dollar on mission so their money can tell a better story about God’s kingdom.

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Hear From Our Partners

  • Jonathan Wiggins - Rez Church
  • Rich Butler of Hope Church Spartanburg, South Carolina speaking to his congregation.
  • Tom Watson of Five Stones Church and his wife pictured together.
  • Pastor Jake Johnson and his family

Looking for Church Accounting?

This is our SEO section. Don’t worry about it.

This is just our site’s SEO section, created specifically for Google and our SEO team, and making it easier to connect with the best people on the planet (that’s you!). 

But, if you’re curious, feel free to read on…

At Parable, we’re all about making life easier for churches and church staff so you can continue to do all that God’s called you to do. That includes church accounting and church accounting services, bookkeeping for churches (also known as church bookkeeping), and payroll for churches, payroll for clergy, as well as payroll services for churches (what’s the best way to handle a church’s salary, anyway? We’ve got people who know that stuff, too.). For example, are ministers subject to FICA? The answer’s no, BTW.

We also handle payroll taxes for churches, because church payroll taxes are a big deal … but they’re also kind of complicated, you know? We know you know. That’s why we do what we do. 

While we do love to focus on accounting for church services, we also know how to help you use the right church accounting software! That’s right, church accounting software for small churches and church accounting software for big churches, too. We work with church planters, growing churches, and established churches to figure out which software for church accounting makes the most sense. So if you ask us, “What’s the best church accounting software,” our bookkeepers and accountants combine QuickBooks with services like Divvy and Plus, we’ve got all the details on payroll software for churches too … ever heard of Gusto

Anyway, you probably get the point by now. We love churches, church staff, and church missions, and we want to help make everything your church is doing as effective as possible. That’s why we’re here to offer church accounting services, church payroll services, and church accounting software services that help tell your church’s story well so that every dollar stays on mission. 

Thanks for taking a trip down SEO lane with us!

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Stop stressing over your finances and start focusing on what you do best.

You can use every penny to accomplish your God-given mission. But don’t leave your numbers to chance.

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