About Parable Accounting and Bookkeeping for Churches

Let us help you tell God’s story with your money.

The kingdom of God is like a storyteller on a mission to tell the greatest story of all.

It’s an epic tale of God’s extravagant love for the world. And Jesus, who gave His life to save it.

You are that storyteller. 

You’re on God’s mission, inspiring people to give their lives and resources to further His story. But aligning your financial story with God’s has proven difficult. 

After all, you started with a passion for the Scriptures — not spreadsheets.

And when the story of your ministry’s finances expresses confusion, lack, or mismanagement, it can leave you feeling ashamed, distressed, and, worst of all, alone.

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Every Dollar On Mission

We understand.

We are fathers, mothers, church planters, missionaries, and mission-minded professionals who understand the difficulties of church financial stewardship.

But we’re also a team of accountants, bookkeepers, and consultants who create systems, procedures, and policies to ensure every bill gets paid and every dollar accomplishes God’s kingdom work.

We’re here to support you on God’s mission. 

You focus on changed lives. We’ll focus on the numbers: budgets, spreadsheets, reporting, and insights.

You can unlock the story your numbers are telling. And you can get the tools you need to tell the greatest story  — even with your money.

We invite you to partner with Parable,
and place every dollar on mission,
telling the story of His kingdom.

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