A Word on Grief & Loss This Christmas Season

When we think of Christmas, the first things that come to mind are typically: celebrating Jesus, exchanging gifts, eating cookies… All sorts of joy-filled excitement! Pastors prepare sermons to bring the hope of the Gospel. Parents set out nativity scenes and hope against all hope that no children or pets try to eat baby Jesus this year. Families gather, hearts are full. 

However, we would be remiss to go without acknowledging the ache that accompanies this season. For far too many of us, the holidays have a hole. A place where someone we love dearly should be. Amidst all of the sparkles and wonder, Christmas can also bring a keen sense of loss, grief and longing for loved ones no longer with us.

As accountants, we usually like to stick to numbers, charts and graphs. But there are no spreadsheets or formulas to take away the ache of loss. So, we are simply here to say that we see you. 

We see you, pastor, preparing to lead a service on Christmas Eve while also mourning. 

We see you, volunteer, still giving of your time, despite the grief you’re walking through.

We see you, brother and sister in Christ, as you navigate this season of deep sadness in the midst of family gatherings.

We see you, dear guest, who is wrestling with how a good God could take away such a precious loved one.

Jesus did not shy away from grief and pain when He walked this earth. In fact, He often engaged in it, leaning into the hard questions that accompany great loss. So, we look to Him as our example and as our hope this holiday season.