Advanced Budgeting

Let’s Create a Budget on Mission for Your Church

If we looked at your church’s spending, would it be clear what your church’s mission and vision are?


For so many churches their mission and vision says they are about one thing…


but their spending says something else.


Unless you are intentional to create a budget aligned with your mission and vision, you are likely telling a different story with your spending than with your mission statement.


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Many Churches Struggle with the Budgeting Process

But it’s a problem because a budget is a tool to put your mission and vision into action. If your tool isn’t working well, it hinders your ability to fulfill the mission and vision God has given you.

Don’t let your ministry be hindered this year! We can help you create a budget on mission for your church!

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Advanced Budgeting

We Are Your Budgeting Guide!


We guide you through our 7-step budgeting process to help your church create a budget on mission – a budget that focuses your spending on the most important things for your church to do to fulfill the mission God has given you.


During our budgeting process , we will help you…
assess your church’s financial health
clarify your priorities
assess each ministry 
involve ministry leaders 
prioritize your “Wish List”

All of this to create an intentional budget that prioritizes your mission and vision.

And best of all, we take care of the back-end work so you can stay focused on leading your church through the process! 

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Our Budgeting Process

Watch our webinar “Be a Budget Hero” to learn how this process
will help your church create a budget on mission!


Step 1 – Prepare The Tools

We start the processing by pulling the needed reports from QBO, preparing your Budget Template, and entering historical data. We also reach out to you to set our budget kickoff meeting

Step 2 – Budget Kickoff Meeting

During our budget kickoff meeting, we will explain the process to you and create a schedule for each step of the budgeting process. We explain to you how to prioritize around your mission and vision and assess your ministries. And finally, we equip you to lead your church through this process (with our guidance and support along the way!)
After the meeting…
We – prepare your Ministry Budget Request Templates
You – complete Mission exercise and the Ministry Assessment Tool. Reach out to your ministry leaders to prepare them for the budgeting process.

Step 3 – Staffing & Ministry Budgets Meeting

During the meeting we will review the items you have completed to prioritize your budget and ministries around your mission. We will also go over the Staffing and the Ministry Budget Requests Templates that will be used as part of the process so that you know how to use each tool.
After the meeting…
We – prepare General Budget Templates for remaining budget categories
You – send Budget Request Templates to Ministry Leaders

Step 4 – Other Budgets Meeting

We meet to discuss other budgets to complete and work on these together during the meeting.
After the meeting…
You – complete any other budgets still remaining.

Step 5 – Create Initial draft of the Budget

All budget requests / templates are due.
We – create an initial Budget based on the submitted requests and templates
You – review Ministry Budget Requests and make notes of any items to follow up with the ministry leaders about. Follow up on any missing budget requests / templates.

Step 6 – Initial Draft of Budget Review Meeting

We meet to review the initial draft of the Budget and discuss any changes or adjustments you would like to see on the budget. We also discuss the Wishlist.
After the meeting…
You – determine which categories to reduce, follow up on Ministry Budget Requests, and move items to Wishlist.

Step 7 – Finalize Budget Meeting

We meet to finalize the Budget and Wishlist for your church.
After the meeting…
We – wait for you to confirm and then we enter your budget in QBO
You – approve the Budget, Ministry Budget Requests, and prioritize your Wishlist

Get Help with Your Budget Today!

Our budgeting process typically takes about 8 weeks, but we can adjust the process to fit your church’s timeline, either more quickly or longer. The overall timeline is contingent on your church completing your items on time. We recommend that you plan for a couple of hours each week for meetings and to complete your items. Meetings will be scheduled during normal business hours (M-F 8am-5pm). We built this process around most churches having about 30-60 budgeted categories. If our help with additional categories is needed, we will discuss your options with you, including potentially hiring us for additional hours if needed.


Don’t just preach the gospel with words.

Preach with your money, too.

Every dollar, on mission, telling the story of His kingdom.

Talk to a Parable Financial Storyteller
Talk to a Parable Financial Storyteller