Advanced Reporting Learning Center

Advanced Reporting Learning Center

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Getting Started with Advanced Reporting

Advanced Reporting – Forecasting


  • When will my reports be updated?

    Reports are updated each month. Your Account Advisor will let you know when your books have been finalized for the previous month and your Advanced Reports are available.
  • Is there an explanation for the reports / what do certain numbers mean?

    The Financial Summary and Analysis reports have explanations at the bottom of the report with further explanations. In the Analysis section, in the KPI Dashboard, you can click on a metric to bring up a pop-up window.
  • How does the donor and attendee data get into the reports?

    Attendee data must be provided to us each month. Please send your average attendance for the month to your Account Advisor via email or by giving access to a form / tracking sheet.

    We load your donor data each month from your Payment or Church Management Software.

  • Who should count in my average attendee number?

    We recommend excluding children / kids ministry from your attendance numbers. Practically this may mean the count of people in the sanctuary which may include children. The important thing is to be consistent with your count month to month.
  • What are the KPI Targets based on? Can I change them?

    The KPI Targets come from 3 things –

    • Your budgeted number
    • Rule-of-thumb metrics
    • Provided by you

    Yes, you can change a Target. Let us know if you would like to change it to and we will update your Target!

  • Net Income the extra money I have to spend each month?

    Net Income is the difference between your Income and Expenses for the month. This is an important metric to understand if you are spending more or less than is coming in.

    However because of accounting principles, some things like your full mortgage payment might not show in your Net Income. We typically think of the full payment as an expense, but from an accounting perspective, that isn’t always true. We often use a work-around with our Partners to include these items in your Net Income, contact your Account Advisor if you need clarification.

    Because of this, we include a “Change in Cash & Equivalents” graph which shows a fuller picture of the changes with your cash.

  • I think my report is wrong, what do I do?

    Let your Account Advisor know and we will look into it further. Please provide as much detail as possible as to what the issue seems to be.
  • How many users can I have?

    We provide access through a single email address for your church. You can share the login credentials with anyone at your church that you feel is appropriate.

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