Are Your Church Finances Aligned with Your Mission?


We’ve created a free tool for church leaders called The Dollar-On-Mission Assessment. It comes at no cost to you, other than three minutes of your time, and requires zero commitments on your part.

Don’t let the word assessment intimidate you. There are no pass/fail concerns here! Our heart is simply to celebrate the areas you’re thriving in and provide resources for the areas where you could use some support. 

As the body of Christ, we each have different roles to play and are called to serve one another in those roles. This assessment is one of the ways we’d like to serve you! You are the shepherd, the expert at leading, vision casting, and guiding your congregation. We are the financial guides, the experts at bookkeeping and accounting. Our job is to equip and empower you to keep your church’s money on the same mission as you, so that your church can thrive as it moves toward the vision you have set forth. 

That being said, we’ve found three key areas that can make or break a church’s financial stewardship:

  • People. A church needs people who are financially healthy. It is crucial that your people give in a way that shows that their hearts align with the church’s vision.
  • Planning. Your budget should reflect your church’s vision. Your spending should align with your vision, not undercut or divert from it.
  • Protection. It’s not just your flock that needs protection. Your finances do too, whether from error or fraud. You need systems that maintain accountability and transparency.

Our assessment will provide you with a personalized report complete with suggestions and free resources to help you better align your budget and money with the vision and mission of your church. Not only that, but you can share the assessment with your team, allowing them to take it and provide you with a more robust perspective on how your church is doing.

It is free, simple, and without commitments. What have you got to lose?

Take the Assessment today!