How to Fund the Vision
5 Tips for Getting A Church Loan

Smart borrowing.
Building dreams.

Learn what steps to take to increase your chances of getting a loan when your church needs one.

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“Funding the Vision: Borrowing for Buildings”
Smart borrowing. Building dreams.



Demystifying Church Loans

While dreaming about the new possibilities can be exciting for pastors and church leaders, the preparation for obtaining a church loan is often a meticulous and sometimes lengthy process. We want to demystify it for you!

We sat down with David Lee, from Thrivent Church Financing, and discussed valuable insights into the steps churches can take to increase their chances of securing a loan when needed.


Here’s what you’ll learn

1. How to prepare for a church loan

2. What lenders are looking for in a church

3. How to determine how much to borrow

4. Why demonstrating good financial stewardship matters

5. How to avoid common mistakes

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