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Account Advisor (Bookkeeper)


At Parable We Value

Serve First.

This includes our church partners as well as our teammates. We all thrive when we tackle problems together, look for win-win solutions, and delight our partners and team

Hero Maker.

Our job is to educate and inform others so the information passes along, and they, in their own right, can shine!

Extraordinary Generosity.

We work hard so that we can take great care of our communities and employees. We earmark 10% of our previous year’s income for internal and external giving. This takes the shape of benefits, our annual retreat, and special surprises throughout the year. We also support healthy pastors and their families through retreats and counseling. It also takes the shape of our openness and sharing so everyone is generously informed about our business and what we do.

Healthy Life Rhythms.

We all have lives outside of work. Parable was born out of the passion of a stay-at-home mom, so true flexibility to meet all the demands of life is something we live by and pride ourselves on!


We trust in adult behavior. We all work virtually with no micromanagement. Without trust, none of this would work. We trust you to do right by our company, by our church partners and by our teammates.

Virtual, but Together.

We have teammates and clients all across the country. We have clients all across the country. It is up to each and every one of us to manage ourselves and our own time, but at the same time be willing and able to jump in as a team. We look to meet face to face via technology as a first option, then a phone call, and finally text. The more we can remember to communicate face to face and remember we’re all human and doing our best, the more our other values will be supported.

With that in mind take a look at the job description below and if is sounds like a good fit consider appliying

Account Advisor (Bookkeeper) Job Description


** This is an on-going position that we are always interviewing candidates for future positions. Please reach out to if you would like to know the anticipated start date that we are currently hiring for. It could be this quarter or future quarters.**

Position/Job Title: Account Advisor
Reports to: Team Lead
Salary Range: $35,000 – $70,000/year
Employment Status: Full Time
Benefits:  3% SIMPLE IRA match after $5000 earned, short term disability insurance, long term disability insurance, $25,000 life insurance policy, dental, health and vision insurance, and unlimited PTO. Some benefits only available after first 90 days.

Vision of the Seat: The Account Advisor is Parable’s representative to the partner and
ultimately the face of the company. This position is responsible for a client’s primary
bookkeeping and payroll functions and will cultivate a partner relationship with the client. The Account Advisor will be the key component to connecting bookkeeping to strategy giving the partner an actionable path to thrive.

Wins are Reached by:
● Excellent working knowledge of the client’s accounting system, chart of accounts, assets
and liabilities.
● Own responsibility for all financial management including monthly compiled financial
statements, accounts receivable, accounts payable, billing, payroll, general ledger, bank
reconciliations, and tax payments.
● Effectively maintain a partner’s books and provide reports enabling them to understand
their financial position in order to make responsible financial decisions.
● Use consistent and proven processes across multiple same-type partners.
● Use creative strengths to bring individuality to adjust processes that will best serve a
multifaceted and growing partner.
● Partnership created and maintained so clients will be supported to live into their mission.

Skills Needed to Win:
● Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Finance, Business, or related field experience
● Experience with cloud-based accounting systems and processes
● QBO Certification
● Ability to audit/inspect financial statements for accuracy
● Ability to tailor Parable’s systems to meet the client’s needs with a solution mindset
● Excellent computer skills and knowledge with Google Suites or MS Office Suites
● Excellent presentation, verbal, written and interpersonal skills
● A willingness to maintain the highest confidentiality of Stakeholder and Church/donor
● Ability to work independently as well as collaborate with a virtual team
● Resiliency/persistency, and a commitment to achieving goals.
● A proactive and motivated work ethic
● Ability to communicate and collaborate effectively with all levels of staff
● Must be forward-thinking and have high ethical standards and an appropriate
professional image with a growth-mindset
● Excellent organization and planning, analytical, communications, and decision- making
● Ability to prioritize workload, meet deadlines and manage many clients simultaneously
● Empathetic and ability to listen well

Responsibilities will include but not limited to:
● Scheduled recurring bi-monthly bookkeeping procedures in accounting systems (QBO)
● QBO updated Bi-weekly for client reports
● Substantial knowledge and experience working with balance sheet account (liability,
equity, A/R, assets)
● Seamless integration and utilization with Expensify (Receipt coding/management)
● Seamless integration and utilization with (Accounts Payable)
● Seamless integration and utilization with Gusto (Payroll)
● Monthly statement reconciliations
● Tracking data for W9 retrieval and 1099 reporting at year end
● Integral communication with the client (missing information, needs, financial vision)
● Ability to manage multiple nuances between many tech platforms
● Strong balance of contextual research for future coding and efficient workflow
● Strong knowledge base of all products and ability to upsell services when needed
● Aligned as a partner with client’s internal team
● Known for polished, professional image via email, phone and Zoom conferencing
● Ability to manage wide range of anywhere from 5 to 30 clients monthly (This is ultimately
dependent upon client revenue size.)

Position in Accountability Chart:
Account Advisor >> Coach >> Mission Control Director >> Integrator


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