Jake Johnson

“[Parable] did a great job working with us as we grew. I would strongly encourage you, if you’re looking for an accounting team, to give Parable a call and just have a discussion with them. They’re great people, and they’ll treat you well.”… Read More

Tom Watson

“Parable has been the answer to every one of our financial problems. I feel like I can send off that part of my brain and let them take care of that because I have so much else to do in this season. I couldn’t be more happy than we are… Read More

Jonathan Wiggins

“[Parable] brought in the best systems. They innovated, they helped us to innovate, and now, we can retrieve information in real time. We can make information-based decisions and really tell our financial story […] They invest in leaders like me, and they bring world-class services to leaders like me. I… Read More

Edwin Jones

“Parable is a blessing to our church. They feel like a part of our team. We didn’t get into ministry to balance books, write checks or pay bills, but we know those things have to be done. They take so much off our shoulders. Parable catches the things we are… Read More

Greg Scherer

“Hands down, Parable has helped us in so many ways, and we’re reaping the benefits in terms of time, energy, and focus. Greg and the whole team have been such a pleasure.”… Read More

Bob Miller

Parable has an expertise that unless I want to spend hundreds of hours developing, I don’t have. And that’s where I don’t need to put my efforts. […] Parable serves as that outside resource that literally in my mind is iron sharpening iron.“… Read More

Rich Butler

“Just since we’ve partnered with Parable, our giving has gone up. We’ve been able to really track how healthy we are as a church. I could not imagine doing multi-site church and keeping up with the numbers and the stories without our partnership with Parable.”… Read More