Recession-Proof Your Church!

Your church can thrive
during a recession!

Learn what you can do now to be ready for a recession

Make sure your church isn’t missing out on $100k+ from a tax credit!

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A Recession is Coming 
Is Your Church Ready?

Watch our conversation with Jim Wilkes, pastor of Journey Church in Cleveland, OH, as we discuss:

  • Why you need to start preparing for a recession today, whether or not a recession comes
  • What financial procedures every church should have in place before a downturn
  • Streams of income most churches aren’t leveraging—but can!
  • How to make sure you take advantage of a special tax credit!

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Don’t wait to get started! We can help you get your finances in order, think creatively about your money, and get your connected to someone who can help you apply for the Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERC). We even streamline the process for all Parable payroll partners applying for the ERC!

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Recession-Proof Your Church!


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Webinar: Recession-Proof Your Church

Is your church missing out on $100k+?



If you haven’t applied for the Employee Retention Tax Credit,
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We will refer you to a couple of companies* that can answer your questions and help you apply! 



Talk with the companies we refer* and/or others to answer your questions and make sure you feel comfortable applying for the credit.



Submit the required documents to the company you choose to work with so they can complete and submit your file to the IRS on your behalf!



Use the money to help your church thrive, even in a recession!

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*For your convenience we will refer you to a couple of companies that have experience helping churches apply for the ERC. However, it is important that you do your own due diligence and select the company right for your church. You do not need to work with one of our recommendations to apply for the ERC. Parable may receive a referral fee if you work with one of the companies we refer you to.

Jesus is our foundation.


He has His people covered.


But since you’re a steward of His money,
we want you to be prepared!

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