Inspiring Generosity: Talking About Giving in Church with Bob Lotich

A conversation with Bob Lotich, author of “Simple Money, Rich Life”.

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It’s time to flip the script on these statistics:

Only 5-10% of churchgoers tithe regularly.
25% of attendees don’t give at all.

What we’re doing isn’t working.

How we’re talking about giving isn’t moving the needle.

It’s time to toss the taboo around church finances and start having honest conversations with our congregations. It’s okay to talk about giving in church.

Landing | Webinar: Inspiring Generosity - Talking About Giving in Church

Giving had never been so easy or so much fun in my entire life!

What makes a person say this?

Want this to be your congregation?

We’ll say it again: It’s okay to talk about giving in church!

Learn how Bob and his wife Linda gave away over $1 million on a middle class income before hitting the age of 40, and how you can help your congregation reimagine success when it comes to money. 

What you’ll get from this webinar:

  • Tips on how to talk about finances and inspire your church community to live generously.
  • A free copy of Bob’s book “Simple Money, Rich Life” and the opportunity to take his 6-week financial class. (Watch the webinar for details on how to access these freebies.)
  • Hear Bob’s full story of going from living paycheck to paycheck to a life of generosity.

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Landing | Webinar: Inspiring Generosity - Talking About Giving in Church

Bob Lotich is a renowned author, podcaster, and financial coach, recognized as a top influencer in personal finance. He and his wife have given away over $1 million on a middle class income before the age of 40!

Over the last 15 years, he has shared valuable financial insights with millions through his blog,, and SeedTime Money Podcast.

In our webinar, Bob discusses his journey from financial instability to understanding money and stewardship through a Biblical lens. He and his wife shifted their focus from accumulating wealth to tracking their giving, experiencing unexpected financial blessings, including paying off their mortgage within 9 months of increasing their giving.

Bob continues to prioritize giving, viewing it as a demonstration of faith and trust in God’s provision.

Read more about Bob’s story here.

Watch the webinar!

Help your congregation discover the power of generosity. Break the silence, toss the taboo, and start talking about giving in church today! This webinar will provide you with tips and tools to help make the conversation straightforward and smooth. So, what are you waiting for?!