The 5 Critical Actions You Must Take to Cultivate Generosity in Your Church

The topic on everyone’s mind right now is money – inflation is all over the news, there is fear of a recession, and people are worried about their finances. Worse, the messages about money that your people are hearing aren’t teaching them a Biblical perspective or helping them think about their money in the way that Jesus taught.

The bottomline is you need to be intentional right now to teach your people about money, generosity, and stewardship. 

We want to help you be equipped and have the confidence you need to do that! Watch our free webinar on “The 5 Critical Actions You Must Take to Cultivate Generosity in Your Church.” 

Watch the webinar!

Watch the webinar!

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Why You Need to Talk about Money

Right now is such an important time to teach your people about money and how to have a proper view of money. Studies show that 75-90% of church members do not tithe and that only 33-50% of church members give anything at all to the church. Imagine the impact your church could have in your community if people gave as God intended!

We need healthy churches that have the money they need to be effective in sharing the love of Christ in their communities and in engaging the lost with the Gospel. 

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People are looking to their church to teach them about money, generosity, and stewardship. Churches that aren’t intentional to teach and equip their people in this area will continue to struggle financially, especially as we head into an uncertain economic year. 

But teaching your people about money is not just so you can meet your church’s budget this year. Jesus taught that “where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” (Matthew 6:21). Teaching your people the biblical view of money and about being a steward of everything they have is a critical part of discipling your people. 

Do your church’s finances keep you up at night? Are you worried that your church won’t have the money it needs? 

Stop worrying – make a plan that will work!

God calls us to be dependent on Him and to be strategic and make plans. Growing your church in generosity and stewardship requires both. This webinar will show you how to do that in your church.


Watch the webinar!

Meet The Presenters

Dan Pourbaix served in an executive pastor role at a large church in Colorado for 10 years. He spent 15 years as a top performing franchisee and area developer with an international franchise where he coached dozens and dozens of business owners on successfully operating their business. By combining his passion for the church with his love for business, Dan is focused on helping to create financially healthy churches that are equipped to disciple their people in stewardship and generosity.

Jim Wilkes is the Lead Pastor of Journey Church in Cleveland, Ohio. Jim planted the church in 2009 with a simple desire to see people take the next step towards God and serving others. Jim has started and operated several businesses throughout his career. He is involved with Generosity Builder that provides coaching, tools, and software to help pastors develop their donors. Jim has a heart to help churches be intentional with their people in the area of generosity and stewardship. 

Image of Jim Wilkes, Pastor of Journey Church