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This quick financial health checkup provides a straightforward overview to help answer that question. It offers a high-level view to help you gauge the overall health of your church’s finances. We will send you the results of the checkup—a summary that shows you where you’re on track and off track, along with next step recommendations. All for free!

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Take our church Financial Leadership Assessment – do your spending and mission align?

This 3 minute self check will show you if your church’s dollars and mission are on the same path. You’ll leave with a 360° overview of your financial leadership along with some recommendations on how best to move forward.

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Parable Church Accounting and Bookkeeping’s Financial Toolkit

Want to rock your church’s financial systems? Here are 7 key processes to get you started. From Parable Church Accounting and Bookkeeping.

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Parable Church Budgeting Toolkit

Our Church Budgeting Toolkit will give you the tools you need to create a budget that works and align your finances with the story of God’s Kingdom

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Parable Accounting + Bookkeeping Articles

Our articles span from basic church accounting principles to opting out of social security, offering guidance for you and your staff as you manage various aspects of church finances.

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Watch our Free Webinar on
How to Talk about Giving in Church

What you’ll get from this webinar:

  • Tips on how to talk about finances and inspire your church community to live generously.
  • A free copy of Bob’s book “Simple Money, Rich Life” and the opportunity to take his 6-week financial class. 
  • Hear Bob’s full story of going from living paycheck to paycheck to a life of generosity.
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Watch our Free Webinar on
Be a Budget Hero – Avoid the Top Church Budgeting Mistakes

Here’s what you’ll learn

  1. Amnesia Budgeting: “Budget? What budget?”
  2. Misaligned Budgeting: “We’re all about missions! But we spent all our cash on LED screens this year. Oops.”
  3. Siloed Budgeting: “Children’s ministry didn’t need any money this quarter, right?”
  4. Harry Houdini Budgeting: “Don’t worry, bro. The money will magically appear.”
  5. …and more!
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Watch our Free Webinar on
How to Assess Your Church’s Financial Health at a Glance!

Here’s what you’ll learn

  1. How to ensure your spending is aligned with your vision
  2. How to know if your church is taking in enough money
  3. How to accurately measure your church’s financial health
  4. How to measure the financial health of your people
  5. If your budget aligns with best practices, or if you’re overspending compared to other churches
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Watch our Free Webinar on
How To Run A Successful Church Capital Campaign

In this webinar, you will learn

  1. What things should every pastor and church leader want in a capital campaign?
  2. What are the keys to having a successful campaign?
  3. Can a church raise money without a defined project?
  4. How do you help young families be able to participate in a campaign?
  5. Is there a discipleship journey that givers go on?
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Watch our Free Webinar on
The 5 Critical Actions to Cultivate Generosity

Watch this webinar to learn about 

  1. Optimizing your giving tools
  2. The importance of developing givers from first-time to extravagant
  3. Creating a cadence for speaking about money & generosity in your church regularly throughout the year
  4. Connecting your vision and ministry wins to your finances to show how dollars given to the church creates meaningful impact and change
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