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Advanced Financial Reports for Churches

Parable Advanced Reports are the tool you need so you can master your church’s finances and keep your dollars on mission for His Kingdom.

Pretend you are in one of the largest cities in the world in a foreign country that you have never been to. You are given a mission to reach a certain location across the city. As you get ready to leave, your smartphone is taken away, the gauges on the car stop working, and all you are given is a map that is in a language you don’t understand. Without tools to show you where you are, where you are going, and what issues you have, you won’t be very effective in achieving your mission. 

It’s easy to recognize that lacking the proper tools will hinder your ability to accomplish your mission to get across the city, but you may fail to recognize the importance of these tools when leading your church. Worse, you could spend valuable resources headed in the wrong direction which would have a huge impact on your ability to achieve your mission.

Don’t try to run your church without knowing your numbers! Eliminate the confusion and move forward with confidence!

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Screenshot showing a summary of church expenses in pie charts and graphs from accounting reports.

Financial Reports for Your Church

Parable Advanced reporting gives you the information you need to know where you are, where you are going, and what issues you need to address with your church’s finances. 

We have worked diligently to provide the right combination of accounting and financial data in our reports so you can focus on the data you need to know, and not be distracted. Avoid information overload and analysis paralysis; look at the key data and know where you need to take action. 


You need clear, accurate, easy-to-understand reporting so you know your church’s finances and can make decisions.

Screenshot of church financial reporting software showing expenses visualized in graphs.

Designed for the Non-Accountant

Our Financial Summary report helps you visualize the critical data you need to know in ways that are clear and easy-to-understand. We have intentionally designed these for the non-accountant. Don’t like spreadsheets or confusing financial reports, then you will love looking at these reports! 


We have developed clear and easy-to-understand reports for the non-accountant to have confidence when talking about the church’s finances. 

A church financial dashboard that helps you quickly identify areas of need for your church.

Actionable Insights for Financial Leaders

Our Financial Analysis report and software help financial leaders dig deeper into the church’s finances to easily identify trends that are happening and any areas of concern. Set targets to help you know at-a-glance how you are tracking in these key areas and identify the areas that you need to take action on. Take your church financial management to the next level with our financial analysis tools!

We combine donor and attendance metrics with your financial data to help analyze your data further and visualize trends that are happening with your people.

Advanced Reporting

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Get started today! Master your church’s finances and make sure they are a tool to help you achieve your mission! Our Advanced Reporting is the tool you need to take the information from bookkeeping and accounting and understand it in a way that you can take action on the key areas for your church. 

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Our Advanced Reporting gives pastors confidence when it comes to their church’s finances. When you know how your church is using the dollars that God has entrusted, you will be able to lead your church and steward its finances well. Have confidence when talking to your congregation about your finances and giving! When you understand your church’s finances you can easily identify the areas your church needs to focus on to improve it’s financial health and make sure that your dollars are on mission for His Kingdom! Sign up today!

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