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Advanced Financial Reports
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Trying to understand your church’s finances can be like being dropped in the middle of a jungle and trying to find your way out without a GPS.


Parable Advanced Reports are the GPS you need to master your church’s finances.


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What are Advanced Reports?


Watch this 1 minute video to learn how Advanced Reporting is the GPS to help you navigate the jungle of church finances!



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Advanced Reporting Demo

Screenshot showing a summary of church expenses in pie charts and graphs from accounting reports.

Financial Reports for Your Church


Parable Advanced reporting gives you the information you need to know where you are, where you are going, and what issues you need to address with your church’s finances. 


Get the right combination of data in our reports so you can focus on the data you need to know, and not be distracted.


Get clear, accurate, easy-to-understand reporting so you know your church’s finances and can make decisions.

Screenshot of church financial reporting software showing expenses visualized in graphs.

Designed for the Non-Accountant


Our Financial Summary report helps you visualize the critical data you need to know in ways that are clear and easy-to-understand.


Avoid information overload and analysis paralysis; look at the key data and know where you need to take action. 


Don’t like spreadsheets or confusing financial reports? Then you will love looking at these reports!

A church financial dashboard that helps you quickly identify areas of need for your church.

Actionable Insights for Leaders


Our Financial Analysis tools help financial leaders dig deeper into the church’s finances to easily identify trends that are happening and any areas of concern.


Set targets to help you know at-a-glance how you are tracking in these key areas and identify the areas that you need to take action on.


Take your church financial management to the next level with our financial analysis tools!

Advanced Reporting

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What people are saying about Advanced Reporting

“Parable has changed the game for us. The reporting features and the ability to tell our story to our givers has been nothing short of a miracle!”
Jim – Lead Pastor, Journey Church

“These reports look great and provide valuable information to me that I haven’t been able to easily get before” 
Jay – Best Christian Workplaces

“Thanks so much for these reports, we are really enjoying using them!”
James – Pastor, The Dwelling Place Anaheim

Landon – Lead Pastor, The Purpose Church

“These reports are just so much cleaner than QBO – it’s a game changer!!!”
Vanessa – Best Christian Workplaces

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Head over to our Advanced Reports Learning Center for training videos, FAQ’s, and a webinar to learn how to get the most from your Advanced Reports!


Advanced Reports Learning Center

Advanced Reporting Demo

Watch this short demo to see how Advanced Reporting can help you master your finances!

Get Advanced Reporting!

Don’t just preach the gospel with words.

Preach with your money, too.

Every dollar, on mission, telling the story of His kingdom.
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