Landing | Webinar: Be a Budget Hero - Avoid the Top Church Budgeting Mistakes

Be a Budget Hero

Avoid the Top Church Budgeting Mistakes

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budget (or lack of a budget) pulls you off mission.

Create a Budget on Mission for your Church

Your church’s budget may be hindering your mission
Learn how to make sure your budget isn’t!

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“Be a Budget Hero – Avoid the Top Church Budgeting Mistakes”

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Are your budgeting practices
holding your church back?

It’s not because budgeting doesn’t mix with ministry.
In fact, a well-crafted budget should enable it!
But if you find that your yearly financial plan:

⇒ Doesn’t enable you to do what you’re called to do
⇒ Doesn’t serve your church holistically
⇒ Isn’t ready to flex with the week-to-week realities of ministry

You may be making one or more of these budgeting mistakes that hold churches back.
We can help you fix it!

Find out more about our Advanced Budgeting Service and get the budgeting support you need!

Landing | Webinar: Be a Budget Hero - Avoid the Top Church Budgeting Mistakes

Increase your effectiveness. Accomplish your mission.


Watch our webinar and Be a Budget Hero!


Watch the Webinar

Join Dan Pourbaix and Katie Shilts from Parable and
learn how you can turn budgeting into a
win for your church this year!




Align expenses with vision



Budget for Spirit-led opportunities



Reduce off-mission spending



Balance boundaries and flexibility

In This Webinar, We’ll Cover:

Amnesia Budgeting: “Budget? What budget?”
Misaligned Budgeting: “We’re all about missions! But we spent all our cash on LED screens this year. Oops.”
Siloed Budgeting: “Children’s ministry didn’t need any money this quarter, right?”
Harry Houdini Budgeting: “Don’t worry, bro. The money will magically appear.”
Overly-Detailed Budgeting: “I’m sorry. That pencil purchase is not in the budget.”
Headlock Budgeting: “New opportunity for ministry? Too bad. I’m keeping you in this stranglehold till next year!”
Leaky-Bucket Budgeting: “Extra money! Hooray! Let’s spend it on … the next emergency.”
Prayerless Budgeting: “Dear God, bless the spreadsheet I made without consulting you at all.”
…and more


If the thought of creating a budget for you church feels overwhelming, this webinar will help! You can also find out more about how Parable can help your church create a budget on mission this year!



Watch the Webinar