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You got into ministry for many reasons –


spending a bunch of time on the church’s finances probably wasn’t high on your list.


Your church’s finances don’t have to be a burden. They can be a powerful tool that supports your mission.

Advanced Services

Parable Advanced provides the strategic finance services you need to steward God’s provision while staying focused on the mission.

Dashboards / Reporting

Our Advanced Reporting software turns your finances into dashboards and graphics that you can quickly understand and use to make decisions. 

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Audit Support

With our Advanced Audit Support, our team of experts will help you throughout the audit process so that you won’t be confused or feel overwhelmed. 

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Budgeting Support

We can help your church create a budget on mission – a budget that focuses your spending on the most important things for your church to do to fulfill the mission God has given you. And with our help, you stay focused on leading your church through the process! 

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Advanced Strategic Service

Have our financial experts provide strategic support for your church’s finances. Can get the support you need to make decisions and lead in the 5 key areas of financial stewardship while staying focused on the mission!

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Advanced Services

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Our team will follow up with you to answer your questions, understand your needs, and give you a customized proposal specific to your church’s needs. 


Don’t let your finances continue to be a burden to your pastors. Sign up today to transform your church’s finances into a powerful tool aligned with your mission.

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Don’t just preach the gospel with words.

Preach with your money, too.

Every dollar, on mission, telling the story of His kingdom.
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