How Your Church Can Make the Most of Extra Money

Easter is swiftly approaching! Churches often experience a surge in giving from their congregations. This extra money, given in the joyful spirit of the holiday, presents a unique opportunity to further your church’s mission and vision. However, how you manage these additional funds can greatly impact their effectiveness in advancing your goals.

Here’s a quick and friendly guide on what you can do to make the most of the extra money you might receive.

Intentional Spending

Even if your church had all of the money in the world, there would still be an endless list of things your team would want to do: ministries you’d like to start, missions opportunities to fund, and goals you’d want to realize. When you receive extra money, it’s crucial to use this money intentionally, based on your unique mission and vision. By doing so, you can ensure that every dollar is used to its fullest potential in advancing the kingdom.

Here are a few ways to do that:

  1. Focus on Your Mission: Before you spend any of the extra money, make sure you know how you can best spend it to further the mission God has called you to. 
  1. Assess Your Ministries: You will likely have needs in several ministries. Take time to evaluate the effectiveness of each ministry and focus your extra dollars where there is fruit and God seems to be working.  
  1. Create a Wishlist: This is a list of ministry items or projects you’ve had to postpone due to budget constraints. These could include building maintenance, equipment purchases, or additional support for ministries. By prioritizing these items, you can ensure that extra funds are used effectively and in line with your goals.
  1. Save: Another wise approach is to save some extra funds for future opportunities or needs. You might have good opportunities now, but a better opportunity might come in the coming months. 

This proactive approach to financial management can help you better prepare for unexpected expenses or future projects that reflect your church’s mission and vision.

What Not To Do

On the flip side, failing to spend extra funds intentionally can lead to missed opportunities and less impact on your mission. You risk allocating these funds to less important or urgent needs, rather than strategic initiatives that further your vision.

It’s not uncommon for a church to get a little bit of extra money here and there and spend it without being intentional. However, if they would have saved the money each time, it would have added up to afford something the church didn’t think they could afford.

The Practical

If you receive a significant amount of extra funds, don’t spend it immediately. Do this instead:

  1. Gather your team.
  2. Pray.
  3. See where God is working.
  4. Consult your wishlist.
  5. Celebrate!

This first one should come as no surprise. Get your team together and pray. Thank God for what He’s provided and ask what His plan is for the gifts you have received. Next, revisit your budget alongside your team and identify areas where additional funding could make a significant impact. As a team, determine your top priorities, and make a plan to allocate your extra funds toward them. Once these things are done, it’s time to celebrate!

Note: Communication is key when it comes to celebrating. 

Rather than simply reporting the excess funds, share with your congregation the vision behind the spending. By celebrating the impact of the extra funds and highlighting areas still in need of support, you can inspire continued giving and engagement from your congregation.

To wrap this up, the extra money that your church receives around Easter presents an incredible opportunity to further your mission and vision. By spending these funds intentionally and prioritizing initiatives that align with your goals, you can make a lasting impact on your community and beyond.

(Need a little help with budgeting? Don’t worry, we’ve got you.)