How to Assess Your Church’s Financial Health at a Glance

Make better decisions.
Lead with more confidence.

Learn which metrics to track, what they mean, and how to leverage them for greater ministry impact.

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“How to Assess Your Church’s Financial Health at a Glance”
Make better decisions. Lead with more confidence.


Let us help you Assess Your Church’s Financial Health!


Assessing your church’s financial health is a critical piece of stewarding God’s provision well. 

At Parable, we have the tools and services to help you quickly assess and take the right actions.

Find out more about how we can help you with your finances so you can focus on your mission!

Dashboard Reports for Your Church!


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A few key financial metrics tell a big story about your church.


Do you know what they are?

Two church accountants reviewing their accounting software reports, payroll & salary reports, and financial data

Your financial reports and spreadsheets tell an important but too-often hidden story about your ministry. And though most pastors feel overwhelmed by financial reports and spreadsheets, it is possible to know how to read the story they tell.

You can see if it’s a story of lives changed and missional impact. Or if it’s a story of confusion, lack, or mismanagement.

What story are your numbers telling?

Advanced Reports help pastors navigate their financial statements.

These numbers don’t have to be a mystery to you.

If you understand just a handful of metrics, you can unlock the story those numbers tell about your ministry. These numbers will help you:

  • Make better, more informed decisions
  • Know your church’s financial health at a glance
  • Identify where you’re off track and how to correct your course
  • Inspire greater confidence in your givers
  • Have better, even inspired, conversations with your board!

In this webinar, we’ll teach you which numbers accountants (like us) read and how to understand them. And we’ll do it in a way that makes sense to pastors (also like us).

Here’s what you’ll learn

1. How to ensure your spending is aligned with your vision

2. How to know if your church is taking in enough money

3. How to accurately measure your church’s financial health

4. How to measure the financial health of your people

5. If your budget aligns with best practices, or if you’re overspending compared to other churches

Watch the Webinar

Meet The Presenter

Dan Pourbaix served in an executive pastor role at a large church in Colorado for 10 years. He spent 15 years as a top performing franchisee and area developer with an international franchise where he coached dozens and dozens of business owners on successfully operating their business. Dan joined Parable and is excited to help develop new services and tools for pastors and church leaders to help relieve their burden and keep them focused on the mission of the church.