4 Tips for Talking About Money in Your Church

Talking about money with your church can spark fear and uncertainty. As a pastor, you don’t want to step on toes or perpetuate age-old stigmas. All too often, money is synonymous with church hurt. So, what do you do? Better yet, how do you do it?

4 tips for talking about money in your church

Based on our conversation with Bob Lotich, financial coach, and Certified Educator in Personal Finance (CEPF®).

1. Suggest setting up a budget each month, specifically planning for giving. Something the Lotichs have found helpful is to allocate money into a separate account dedicated to giving, so it is no longer considered yours once deposited. This approach can remove the mental barrier to giving and allows for more freedom in acts of generosity.

2. Encourage incremental growth in saving and giving. Challenge individuals to increase their savings and giving by 1% each year. This gradual approach makes it easier for people to commit and allows for steady financial growth over time.

3. Utilize resources such as financial classes and podcasts to educate and inspire your community to manage money effectively and grow in generosity. Watch our webinar to claim Bob’s free offer!

4. Break the taboo around talking about finances in Christianity. Be open about your own financial journey and mistakes, as it helps others relate and learn from your experiences.

Check out Bob’s story here. You can also learn more about Bob, his book, and podcast.

Need additional tips and tricks on talking about finances with your church? Specifically your church’s finances? We’ve got you.